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Initially founded in 2017 by the biohacking lab BioCurious, The Cuttlefish Project is an ambitious endeavor that aims to fully study several aspects of a little understood creature: Sepia bandensis, or the Dwarf Cuttlefish.

The two biggest components of our work are the Immortal Cell Line Project and the Genome Sequencing Project. Using recently discovered genome editing technology, our team aims to do something never done before: create an immortal cell line for a mollusc species. We are also attempting to fully sequence the genome of a cuttlefish, another first in the world of science. 

Our mission as a community is to make science accessible for everyone through international collaboration, open source data, and community projects open to people of all ages and backgrounds. 

We hope that you will join us on our journey as we strive to explore and discover more about this enigmatic creature. 

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Our project is supported entirely through PayPal donations. We need your help to continue raising our cuttlefish, paying for sequencing, and carrying out experiments.

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The Cuttlefish Project meets biweekly on Tuesdays at the biohacking lab BioCurious, but participants from all over the world join us online through Zoom. Join our mailing list to receive updates, meeting access, and more.


3060 Coronado Drive, Santa Clara, California 95054, United States

Meeting Times

We meet at 7:30-8:30 every other Tuesday at BioCurious. 

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